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Supply chain excellence has a real impact on business strategy. Supply chain management is a high impact mission that goes to the roots of a company's very competitiveness. High-impact supply chains win market share and customer loyalty, create shareholder value, extend the strategic capability and reach of the business.


Independent research shows that excellent supply chain management can yield:


25-50% reduction in total supply chain costs


25-60% reduction in inventory holding


25-80% increase in forecast accuracy


30-50% improvement in order-fulfilment cycle time


20% increase in after-tax free cash flows


That's what we mean by high-impact.


Does a high-impact supply chain leverage your business enterprise?


The Supply Chain Audit is divided into five main sections:-


1 - Strategy


Objective: To determine if the enterprise has a clear strategy tuned to business expectations and focused on profitably servicing customer requirements.


The Audit addresses:


The big picture: strategic direction and supply chain design


Customer service strategy


Strategic risk and flexibility


2 - Organisation


Objective: To determine if an effective organisation structure exists enabling the enterprise to work with its partners to achieve its supply chain goals.


The Audit addresses:


Key supply chain management responsibilities


Integration of supply chain management structure


Relationships with supply chain


3 - Processes


Objective: To determine if the enterprise has excellent processes for implementing its strategy, embracing all plan-source-make-deliver operations.


The Audit addresses:


Making supply chain processes visible


Managing supply chain processes


Understanding supply chain processes


4 - Information


Objective: To determine if the enterprise has reliable information and enabling technology to support effective supply chain planning, execution and decision-making.


The Audit addresses:


Information infrastructure


Planning and decision making


Order fulfilment and supply chain visibility


5 - Performance


Objective: To determine if the enterprise is managing supply chain performance in ways that will increase the bottom-line, cash flows and shareholder returns.


The Audit addresses:


Customer satisfaction




Return on investment


The Supply Chain Audit will:-


Identify the strengths and weaknesses of supply chain strategies and operations


Provide a sound basis for benchmarking supply chain management best practices


Act as a powerful framework for planning performance improvement programmes


How well does your enterprise manage the five audit factors needed to achieve supply chain excellence?


Please click here to download a pdf document with more detailed infomation on our supply chain audit service.


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