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Are your distribution depots, warehouse or manufacturing facilities situated in the right locations to service your markets? If not, the result could be dissatisfied customers and a lot of unnecessary costs.


Companies everywhere are under increasing pressure to improve customer service levels, while at the same time holding or, more likely, reducing the costs of their logistics operations. Meeting the twin challenge of customer service improvement and cost reduction now places distribution network design centre stage as a key business priority.


SCP-UK has the expertise and the tools to help you plan and optimise your distribution operations in ways that will significantly:-


Improve customer service


Reduce distribution costs


By using a selection of sophisticated software tools we can model every aspect of your distribution network, including:-


Product flows


Customer locations


Inventory profile and throughput


Sales forecasts


Risk profiles


We use the resulting data picture to develop potential alternative distribution strategies that reflect both current and optimal network designs. This enables us to develop in relatively short time-scales fully costed strategy options to facilitate effective decision-making.


Supply Chain Strategy options might include, for example:-


Maintaining the present network design


Consolidation of existing distribution depots


Relocation of depot sites


Outsourcing warehousing operations


Whatever the output of the option Strategic modelling process, our clients can feel confident that the distribution strategy decisions they make are based on fact and an ability to see the whole picture.


Supply Chain Strategy Case Studies


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