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Worcestershire Support Services Agency - were considering alternatives for providing a decontamination service which would meet the requirements of their users whilst complying with statutory regulations. Once a preferred option was identified, this resulted in a business case being put forward to the Region for implementation.


Although considerable progress had been made internally with identifying and developing alternatives, there was concern that analysing the detailed technical aspects of the transport logistics was beyond the resources and expertise of the in-house staff. To this end, Supply Chain Planning Limited were engaged to provide consultancy assistance in analysing the alternatives for the logistics of supporting the decontamination service and making recommendations for providing the necessary transport in the most efficient and cost effective manner.


The following were the Terms of Reference for this project.


Objective - To establish the logistics cost of the following decontamination strategy options:




Total centralisation (this includes several sub-options to be identified and agreed)




Localised decontamination






Identification and analysis of quantities and flows of clean and dirty boxes related to delivery points




Analysis and development of transport resource requirements, costs and operational methodology to include:


Vehicle specifications, equipment and quantities


Staffing requirements


Routing, scheduling and delivery patterns


Methods of loading and associated vehicle equipment and fit out






The information gathered in the initial stage will be summarised in the form of a Data Report



At the end of the project, a Consultancy Report will be presented, which examines the alternatives and makes firm recommendations. This will be supported by all necessary drawings and equipment specifications as well as operating procedures and budget costings.


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