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Case Study - Porsche Cars UK Limited

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Total re-design to increase capacity in reduced area


Porsche Cars UK Ltd - the well-known manufacturer of performance sports cars is bucking the trend in increasing its market share and overall sales.


the brief - the company had an urgent requirement to convert their current car showroom into a new style Super Showroom at their Reading Headquarters due to the introduction of new models and increase in sales. This could only be achieved by reducing the size of the warehouse and had to be implemented without compromising supplies of spare parts and accessories to Porsche's distributors and customers.


the approach - the size of the warehouse had to be reduced at the same time as spares for a totally new range of vehicles (the 4x4) and additional sports car models were being introduced. This resulted in the classic problem of doing more in less space. The existing warehouse was a mix of mezzanine floors, with VNA truck picking and pallet handling operations. We explored four alternative layouts and one which utilised much of the existing equipment, was chosen for implementation. The design increased the storage density to the extent that all the required inventory could be accommodated and accessed with the result that the existing workforce could still handle the increased workload.


the result - the new style showroom was completed on time and the warehouse converted to handle the new products without interruption of the spare part deliveries.


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